Welcome to NW Labradors. We are a family of labrador loving people dedicated to the health of our pups and the satisfaction of our potential families who contact us in search of their forever friend. 

A puppy is a life long commitment, not your lifetime, but the lifetime of your pup. Please consider whether you are ready or not to take on this momentous responsibility.

If you are ready, so are we!

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We had an awesome opportunity to work with the people at Orvis. Our sire, Benelli, and his pup Orvis star in this beautiful commercial. See them below.
We want you to get to know us! We post as many photos and videos we can take so that you can get a good idea of whom you are working with.

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We understand that every home is different and unique.

We offer the opportunity to adopt puppies and trained adults.


waiting lists

Get on any waiting list for any of our dams. Go to our adult dogs page to see all of our adult dogs. If you want to get on any of their waiting lists, just let us know!
We consider our program a Pet Service. It’s our desire that every puppy would have a family waiting for it before it is born. We would have everyone who is thinking about working with us understand that adopting a puppy from us is a life long commitment, not your life but the life of the puppy. This means that we work with a waiting list program. This way we know where each puppy will be going before they even enter the world!
Please be prepared for a 2-6 month waiting period.


Madisen and Jennifer were both great to work with. We just took our Bailey to his first check-up with our local vet and she raved about what a good looking lab he is. She specifically said that it was clear that the breeders work hard to get the best traits in the pups. Thanks to you all!!!




phone: 509-386-6644
Location: near Walla Walla Wa.
e-mail: madisenfrost@gmail.com

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